Me Time – You Owe it to Yourself!

The kids are back at school, you’ve cleaned up from all the fun of the holidays, the garden is thriving… This calls for a bit of quality time with the sewing machine – why not whip up a little number in readiness for the warmer days ahead?

The children have outgrown their summer outfits from last year – maybe a quick alteration can stretch the budget by making the garment last another season.  Or maybe check out the new season fabrics and whip up something new.

A great introduction to sewing for children is to prepare for Christmas decorating with something suitably themed!   By getting a bit of preparation done now, there could be an exciting project ready to start when the next school holidays arrive.

Lost touch with your sewing mojo or not too familiar with your machine?  Call us and we can get you back in the swim.


These cool early spring days could be spent in cosy comfort whipping up a little something on your sewing machine or overlocker.

Alterations and repairs out of the way?  Take the time to create something new.  It’s a great time to start on those little personalised gifts for next Christmas too – you know – the ones you dreamt of last year, but ran out of time?

Lacking inspiration?  Call in and see what we can suggest in the way of patterns, fabrics, projects and classes.  Lots of samples to get you inspired.

We are all sewists, quilters, embroiderers, and use the digital cutting machines.  We have the threads and haberdashery (don’t you just love that word?) to complete the picture.

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