Shopped ’til You’ve Dropped?

Tired of trawling the shops in search of the perfect dress/trousers/top/jacket or whatever?

OK, so if you made it yourself it could be exactly the right flattering colour, the right cut, the right fit.  And the price would most likely be righter too!  And we won’t even mention the sore feet!


  • Good reliable sewing machine – it’s advisable to buy the best you can afford
  • The right fabric, pattern and notions
  • Good, knowledgeable, patient teachers
  • Dedicated time to learn or re-learn or perfect skills
  • Can-do attitude and willingness to further your knowledge
  • Willingness to start simple and build on your skills

So many people are turning back to making/altering their own garments.

Why not see what you can do?  We can help with your choice of sewing machines, overlockers, coverstitch machines, embroidery machines and the expertise and notions to make it happen.  Ask about our classes.

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