Selected accessories available at discounted prices:

Globe Insertion Tool ($5)

Globes $10


Additional Feet for 4-thread Models: Blind Hem, Elasticating, Flat Sole, Piping 3mm, Piping 5mm, Teflon

Boxed Creative Serger Accessory Feet (Babylock RRP $390 our price $270)

(where Babylock RRP is $75 our price $50)


Coverstitch: Fabric Guide, Clear Foot, Hemming Foot, Knit Binder – 8mm, Bias Binder Double Fold – 36mm, Plain Hemmer 6mm

(where Babylock RRP is $80 our price $50)


Ovation, Evolution, Evolve 8-thread Models: Elasticating, Flat Sole, Gathering, Piping 3mm, Piping 5mm,

Boxed Accessory Feet Package of 6 feet for Evolution (Babylock RRP $420 our price $295)

(where Babylock RRP is $80 our price $50)

– see Clearance Bargains:


Blind Hemming Machine.  Just the floor model left – model is  CM606N.  It’s a beauty! A bargain at just $700!

Ask to see our samples of the amazing projects produced in our workshops.