All in-stock Brother accessories and feet now 30% off (feel free to call to check availability until we get these all loaded)

Plastic Bobbins 9.2mm TLB (10)

Metal Bobbins MBM (5)

Pre-Wound Embroidery Bobbin Thread #60 11.5mm (10)

Pre-Wound Embroidery Bobbin Thread #90 11.5mm (10)

1/4″ Quilting foot F001N

1/4″ Quilting foot With Guide F057

Adjustable Bias Binder foot F071AP

Binder foot F014N

Braiding foot F021N

Clear View foot F023N

Concealed Zipper foot F080AP

Cording foot (3 cord guide) F013N

Edge Joining foot F056

Free-Motion Open-toe Quilting foot F061

Fringe foot F025N

Gathering foot F012N

Narrow Zipper foot F079AP

Non-Stick foot F007N

Open Toe foot F027N Pintuck foot 5-Groove F069

Picot foot F039N

Piping foot F067

Quilting foot F005N

Side Cutter foot F054

Vertical Stitch Alignment foot F063


We have a range of feet and accessories for Scan’n’Cut machines available.

Team your Brother machine with the Scan’n’Cut CM900 for the perfect digital cutting partner.


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