Dealing With Sewing Machine Jam!!!

We’ve all been there.  You’ve been happily sewing along and then you start another seam and, OH NO,  JAMMED!!!

DON’T PANIC!!!thread jam


The last thing you want to do is ruin the project you have spent all that time on.

So stop and take a deep breath.

Is the needle down in the fabric?  Gently turn your balance wheel and see if you can raise the needle out of the fabric.  If not, can you remove the needle from the clamp?

Is there a pile of thread directly under the needle?   Remove the needle plate , leaving article attached – and carefully clip away bird’s nest of thread underneath.  Be careful not to scratch or damage your needle plate.  Once needle slot is cleared you should be able to salvage your sewing after carefully unpicking the remaining build-up of threads.  Take care to reposition of your bobbin case or bobbin holder correctly if it has become dislodged during the process.

Also check bobbin holder for burrs – these can occur in a lot of different situations during a jam-up.  A burred bobbin-holder needs to be replaced, or you will continue to have these problems.  We stock or will order in replacement parts.

Reassemble and re-thread.  Often this situation causes thread to pull out of guides, so take the time to rethread carefully FROM SCRATCH- otherwise you might miss the problem and the nightmare starts all over again – THIS INCLUDES RELOADING THE BOBBIN.

Of course, while you have the needle plate off, it is the perfect opportunity to do a little clearance of the lint that’s lurking there – your machine will thank you for it.

And if your needle broke in all the excitement, do recover all pieces of it before you start sewing again!

Recommence sewing by turning the balance wheel and feeling whether your machine is happy before hitting the gas – SLOWLY AT FIRST!

Have you taken our fabulous Get to Know Your Machine Class?  We teach a very informative introduction – all brands – including troubleshooting techniques.

If machine still isn’t happy, maybe it’s time for a service – we service all makes and models of domestic machine.

Happy Sewing!



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