Here are the christmas specials – remember you can layby to lock in that special price…..BabyLock_2019_Christmas_Savings Flyer1BabyLock_2019_Christmas_Savings Flyer2Yes, when you need a beautiful new overlocker, you should consider a beautiful Babylock machine; let us show you what they can do and let’s make you another proud and happy Babylock owner!


Give yourself a treat – call in and let us demonstrate the famous

“JET-AIR” and “EXTRAORDINAIR” threading – you won’t believe your eyes!babylineup

Babylock also has Coverstitch machines as well as combination coverstitch/overlock.

We can show you how quickly you can convert from one to t’other and so many combinations besides.

Interested in a Sashiko machine?   Let us show you our samples.  Have one but don’t understand it?  Book a class and learn to appreciate your treasure!


Blind Hemming Machine.  Just the floor model left – model is  CM606N.  It’s a beauty!

Remember we run classes and workshops too – there is always support when you need it.

Ask to see our samples of the amazing projects produced in our workshops.